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Plants & Machines

Our scope of supply includes complete manufacturing plants and machines for the manufacturing and surface  processing of: - single-layer or double-layer pavers and blocks for your garden, patio and/or facade as well as for interior design applications  - heavy-duty pavers in various shapes and sizes - step treads, risers and square steps - special design elements for interior and exterior design - large size elements; up to 150 mm thickness - palisades and post made of split concrete

Material Preparation

Material silos, mixers, Half- and fully automatic concrete mixing plant

Slab Presses

Sliding table presses and Turn table presses  with a pressing power from 150 to up to 1.200 to  for the production of Slabs / Tiles (existing of one or two layers),  large sized elements and steps

Storage and Hardening by


Shelf systems, Hardening chambers, Stock

pile management systems, steel pallets, etc. 

Surface Refinement

Milling -, Grinding and polishing units in simple or double  execution for plates of the format 20 x 20 cm up to the format 60 x 40 two-fold

Handling- and


Automated systems adaptable for all presses and grinding units of the admission of the freshly pressed / polished plate up to transport in  hardening chambers. All kinds of handling and transport systems for tiles / slabs production such as converters, pallet feeders, Rotation devices, turn-over devices,  transfer devices, etc.

Packing lines

Half- and fully automatic Packng lines like for expamle: Horizontal and vertical strapping machines, automatic gripping tools,  Pallet magazins, Package stackers,foil dispensers,intermeditate  layer feeders, writing devices, etc